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Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Lyre's

Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Lyre's

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Discover the magic of Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit by Lyre's - a creation that defies expectations in the world of spirits.

  • Style: Non-Alcoholic Amaretto
  • Ingredients: Water, Citrus, Syrup
  • Features: Vegan, Gluten Free
  • Alcohol: 0%
  • 700ml.

This unique and impossibly crafted non-alcoholic spirit beautifully captures the essence of a nutty amaretto liqueur, delivering flavors that are both distinct and refreshingly contemporary. Lyre's has established itself as a premium brand, setting the standard for non-alcoholic beverages, and Amaretti is no exception.

With an utterly almond-forward palate, this spirit tantalizes the senses with its rich, nutty notes. A delightful tanginess combined with a subtle spice undertone balances the experience, while candied vanilla flavors add a medium-sweet complexity that is simply delicious. Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit embodies the essence of traditional amaretto liqueur without the alcohol, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated, non-alcoholic alternative that captures the spirit of indulgence and refinement. Enjoy the artistry of Amaretti, where craftsmanship meets innovation to offer a truly unique tasting experience.

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