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Birra Dolomiti - Pils Italian Craft Beer

Birra Dolomiti - Pils Italian Craft Beer

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Birra Dolomiti, a blond lager from Fabbrica in Pedavena, Veneto, Italy, is a popular choice for crisp beer lovers. 

  • Style: Pils
  • Hops: Sterling and Cascade hops
  • Body: Foraged wild hops
  • Alcohol: 4.9%
  • 330 ml

Experience the unique taste of Birra Dolomiti, a premium Italian blond lager brewed with 100% Italian cereals and top European hops. With careful fermentation and maturation, this beer offers a round, elegant flavor and creamy foam with floral notes. Made with Dolomite barley malt from a local agricultural cooperative, the water from the Belluno Dolomites creates a light, refreshing taste. Enjoy the best of Italian beer with Birra Dolomiti.

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