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Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé

Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé

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Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé: Effervescent Fun in Every Sip. 

Wine Style: Rosé Blush Wine 
Grapes: Rose Portugal Blend
Body: Light-bodied
Sweetness: Medium-Sweet
Alcohol: 10%
Winemaking: Vinified by classical Rose wine technology in Stainless Steel tanks.
0.75 lt.
The Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé epitomizes the lively spirit of Portugal's Vinho Verde region, offering a delightful blend of red grape varieties. Crafted with a gentle approach, the grapes undergo soft crushing and pressing to extract the juice, resulting in a bright and clear wine. With a playful touch of effervescence, this rosé is an embodiment of freshness and fruity exuberance. Perfect for leisurely sipping on its own or paired with light appetizers, this crisp and light-bodied wine encapsulates the essence of a vibrant, fun-filled moment with its fruity, red berry, and floral notes. Indulge in this effervescent delight that promises an enjoyable and refreshing experience sip after sip. 
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