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Clean R - Clean Co

Clean R - Clean Co

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Unleash the full potential of your cocktails with Clean R, the premium non-alcoholic golden spiced Caribbean Style Rum. Experience the perfect blend of rich caramel and spicy cayenne pepper flavors in every sip for a truly irresistible taste sensation.

  • Spirit: Non-Alcoholic
  • Ingredients: Caramel, Dried Fruit, Vanilla, New Oak, Spice.
  • Features: Gluten free
  • Alcohol: 0%
  • 700ml.

Enhance the taste and aroma of your cocktails with the bold, Jamaican rum flavor of Clean R Non-Alcoholic Spirit. Infused with a secret blend of spices, this golden, spiced Caribbean-style rum alternative brings a touch of caramel and cayenne pepper to every drink.

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