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Moonstruck Dreamy Dark Chocolate Bar

Moonstruck Dreamy Dark Chocolate Bar

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Indulge in the Moonstruck Dreamy Dark Chocolate Bar, a confection that mirrors the enchanting obscurity of a moonless sky. This chocolate boasts a deep, roasted complexity that tantalizes the palate, while a subtle and intriguing hint of fruit adds a touch of mystery to each decadent bite.

  • Notes: Drak Fruits
  • Type: 68% Cacao Chocolate
  • Origin: Portland, Oregon

Crafted with care in the heart of Portland, Oregon, by the artisans at Moonstruck Chocolate, this bar is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and flavor. This rich and dreamy dark chocolate bar is more than a treat—it's an experience that guides your senses through a journey of taste and texture. With each bite, you'll embark on a delightful exploration of flavors that dance in the dark, a captivating symphony of roasted notes and a tantalizing whisper of fruit. Discover the essence of Moonstruck Chocolate in every bite and savor the allure of this expertly crafted delight.

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