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Einstok Icelandic Arctic Lager

Einstok Icelandic Arctic Lager

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Embark on a flavorful journey to Iceland's glacial paradise with Einstok's Arctic Lager, an American All-Malt Lager that stands out.

  • Style: Lager
  • Hops: Citra & Citra-cryo Hops
  • Body: Light-bodied
  • Alcohol: 4.7%
  • 330 ml Can

    Dry-hopped with the exquisite essence of Citra & Citra-cryo Hops, this lager offers an invigorating taste that mirrors the adventurous spirit of Viking lore. Experience the crispness and depth of flavor that defines this Arctic Lager, meticulously crafted to deliver a full-flavored and refreshingly satisfying quench to the thirst of the boldest explorers. Einstok Icelandic Arctic Lager encapsulates the essence of Iceland's breathtaking landscapes and adventurous legacy in each tantalizing sip, offering a taste that resonates with the daring and curiosity of those seeking a unique and exhilarating beer experience.

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