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Fever-Tree Premium Light Ginger Beer

Fever-Tree Premium Light Ginger Beer

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Fever-Tree Premium Light Ginger Beer: A Ginger Symphony of the Right Sweetness.

  • Style: Light Ginger Beer
  • Ingredients: Ginger. Non-GMO certified. Naturally sourced ingredients. No artificial sweeteners or colors
  • Sweetness: Light
  • Alcohol: 0.0%
  • 200 ml bottle

The light version of this ginger beer boasts a discernible, invigorating ginger flavor that takes center stage. It offers a clean and refreshing taste, striking a balance that avoids excessive sweetness. As the liquid glides over the palate, the ginger flavor permeates the entire mouth, concluding with a gentle warmth lingering at the back of the throat. Its balanced profile, neither overly sweet nor too spicy, strikes a harmonious chord on the palate, leaving a lasting impression with its deep ginger character. Perfect in classic cocktails like the Dark & Stormy or Moscow Mule, it also stands tall as a standalone soft drink, providing an authentic and invigorating ginger experience.

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