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Knotty Vines Pinto Noir California

Knotty Vines Pinto Noir California

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Expand your wine experience with the Knotty Vines Pinot Noir California, a bold and luxurious interpretation of this beloved varietal.

  • Wine Style: Red Wine
  • Grapes: Pinto Noir
  • Body: Medium-Full
  • Sweetness: Medium-Dry
  • Alcohol: 14.5%
  • Winemaking: 14 months in oak barrels

This wine presents a captivating departure from the traditional Pinot Noir, offering a deeper and more sumptuous character that remains intricately complex. A symphony of flavors unfolds as you indulge in the essence of black cherry, underscored by the gentle embrace of vanilla and oak. The wine's careful craftsmanship is evident in every sip, as it gracefully balances its newfound richness with intricate layers of taste. The journey culminates in a smooth and lingering finish, draped in the lusciousness of berries. The Knotty Vines Pinot Noir California is a testament to the winemaker's dedication to innovation and finesse, creating a wine that captures the essence of a classic while embracing a contemporary and indulgent twist.

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