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La Trappe Trappist Quadrupel Ale

La Trappe Trappist Quadrupel Ale

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Indulge in the magnificence of La Trappe Trappist Quadrupel Ale, a robust Quadrupel originating from the Netherlands, boasting the distinguished Trappist Ale designation.

  • Style: Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale
  • Hops: Styrian Goldings, Saaz
  • Body: Medium-bodied
  • Alcohol: 10%
  • 330 ml Bottle

This opulent ale, known as the heaviest specialty from La Trappe, captivates the palate with its full-bodied, mild, and pleasantly bitter taste profile, delivering an unparalleled sensory experience. Enveloped in complexity, this ale boasts a mesmerizing interplay of flavors—a tapestry of rich maltiness intertwined with the nuances of dark fruit, unveiling a depth that resonates with aficionados. Revered for its complexity and boldness, La Trappe Quadrupel bears the hallmark of craftsmanship and the Trappist tradition.

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