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Laidrey Coffee - LEO

Laidrey Coffee - LEO

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Laidrey Coffee LEO is Melograna go-to coffee for your daily dose of great-tasting coffee. Locally roasted and naturally harvested this is a great choice for low-acidity and dark aromas.

  • Altitude: 1800 masl
  • Taste Notes: Drak Fruits, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Nibs
  • Roast Type: Medium 
  • Origin: Oaxaca, Casimiro Garcia Lopez

Savor the unique taste of pure, natural, and organic coffee with Laidrey Coffee. Our low acidity blend is specially crafted for coffee lovers and offers a smooth, delicious taste experience. With a medium roast and notes of dark fruits, brown sugar, and cocoa nibs, Laidrey Coffee will tantalize your taste buds. Sourced from the high altitude regions of Oaxaca, Mexico, our coffee is grown by Casimiro Garcia Lopez, a Mexican coffee company known for their extensive and premium quality beans. Experience the rich sweetness of malted milk chocolate, toasted almonds, brown sugar, and green apple in every cup. Made from the local Pluma Hidalgo variety, our coffee is sustainably grown with a focus on increasing yields and quality. Enjoy a delicious, sustainable coffee experience with Laidrey Coffee.

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