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Sagebrush (Organic Certified) Canyon Coffee

Sagebrush (Organic Certified) Canyon Coffee

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Presenting the timeless quality of Sagebrush, formerly known as Tolima Especial, now a pivotal addition to the year-round Canyon lineup. Sagebrush embodies seamless excellence, boasting a remarkable blend of smoothness and brightness that defines Canyon's coffee offerings..

  • Altitude: 1950 masl
  • Taste Notes: Chocolate, Nougat, Stone Fruit
  • Roast Type: Light
  • Origin: Tolima, Colombia

With a delicate body and a juicy essence, Sagebrush stands as the epitome of delectable, making it an ideal companion for daily indulgence. Sourced in unwavering support of the most promising emerging farmers, the coffee's origin gracefully transitions in harmony with the changing seasons.

Originating from the picturesque landscapes of Colombia's Tolima region, Sagebrush is a creation of the Asprasar Co-Op. Processed through a meticulous washing technique and bearing the esteemed organic certification, it presents a symphony of flavors that encompass chocolate, nougat, and luscious stone fruit notes.

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