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Sandeman Porto - Founder's Reserve Ruby

Sandeman Porto - Founder's Reserve Ruby

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The Sandeman Founders Reserve Ruby Porto is a captivating and intense wine, boasting a brilliant and clean ruby red color that immediately catches the eye. Its aromas are a delightful fusion of rich red fruits, beautifully complemented by a touch of age, offering a truly elegant and powerful sensory experience.

  • Style: Fruity
  • Category: Ruby Port
  • Sweetness: Dryish
  • Alcohol: 20%
  • 750ml.

This classic Porto exhibits the characteristic fruitiness and vibrant fire of a young Port, masterfully balanced with the finesse that comes with maturity. On the palate, the wine unfolds a symphony of flavors, with notes of candied plums, blue cotton candy, and roasted and candied sweet peppers. Hints of menthol and cedar plank add complexity, while a syrupy and sweet full body leaves a lasting impression. Soft tannins and a subtle oak influence contribute to the wine's overall finesse, making it a perfect choice for pairing with after-dinner delights such as a mild Maduro cigar, flourless chocolate cake, or indulgent blue cheese. This Sandeman Founders Reserve Ruby Port is a true expression of the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into creating a remarkable Porto experience.

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