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Santadi Cannonau di Sardegna Noras 2019

Santadi Cannonau di Sardegna Noras 2019

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Indulge in the alluring Santadi Cannonau di Sardegna Noras 2019, a wine that transports you to the sun-drenched landscapes of Sardinia with every sip.

  • Wine Style: Red Wine
  • Grapes: 90% Cannonau and 10% Carignano di Sardegna
  • Body: Full-bodied
  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Alcohol: 15%
  • Winemaking: Aged in steel tanks and wood cast for 6 months.
  • Year: 2019
  • 0.75 lt.

From the moment you pour this exquisite red wine into your glass, its deep ruby hue captures your attention, promising a journey of rich and vibrant flavors. The aromas of ripe red berries, sun-ripened cherries, and hints of Mediterranean herbs embrace your senses, inviting you to delve deeper into its complexity. On the palate, a full-bodied and velvety texture envelopes your taste buds, unveiling layers of luscious dark fruit, subtle spice, and a delightful touch of vanilla from the oak aging. The dry and lingering finish leaves you yearning for more, a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship and dedication of Santadi's winemaking team. Whether enjoyed with a hearty Italian feast or savored on its own, the Santadi Cannonau di Sardegna Noras 2019 is a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of Sardinia's winemaking heritage, making it an irresistible addition to any wine enthusiast's collection.

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